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Reasons You Should Rent a Villa While on Vacation


If you want to hit the beach yet spend your holidays cozying up in a luxurious bed, Villa 306’s beachfront villas are exactly what you’re looking for.

After a day of swimming in the ocean and bathing in the sun, you need to retire to the comfort of your bedroom to rest. Even though vacations are all about thrill and adventure, it’s no fun if you’re sleep-deprived.

Booking a beach villa can enhance the extravagance and luxury with which you experience one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Here’s why you should rent a villa while on a vacation.

Peace Of Your Own Home

Renting a villa instead of booking a hotel room is like shifting homes for a few days to a place that makes your reality seem fantastical.

Vacationers staying in hotels during their stay often complain of loud noise from neighboring rooms, delayed service, limited amenities and lump sum money charged nonetheless!

With villas, you have the privacy of a home with the luxuries of a VIP suite in a five-star hotel. With more than just your bedroom space available for you, villas are completely furnished to accommodate your every whim.

Private Pool and Decking Area


Vacationers looking for peace of mind and privacy find it uncomfortable to dip in a public pool with a crowd of swimmers.  

If anything, this image is far from romantic. With your private rental villas, the luxuries are endless with your own private pool and decking area where you can share intimate moments with your loved ones.

King-sized Bed and Untroubled Sleep

Most couples honeymooning in the Caribbean choose to go for rental beachfront villas because of the exclusivity and peace it offers. In a hotel room, you always have to double-check whether or not you put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign up. With a mistake as minor as this, you can have room service bothering you every now and then.

In your own rental villa, you don’t have to worry about the staff walking in at a wrong moment.

Room For More

It’s challenging to accommodate a large family in a hotel. Unless you pay for separate bedrooms, your children might have to sleep on the couch. By renting out a villa for your vacation, you’re at peace because your family can comfortably adjust in the space without paying per head cost.

With luxurious villa rentals, beautiful weather and ease of travel, Turks and Caicos is attracting vacationers every year. Find the luxury villa of your dream with Villa 306 and make the most of your vacation in the Turks and Caicos!

Luxury Villas Vs Hotels: Which Would Suit Me Better?

If you’re going on holiday anytime soon, accommodation is probably one of the things constantly on your mind. No holiday is complete without your own little base of operations so to speak. A place where you can come back to after a long day of being a tourist, a place you can unwind and a place you can recharge before your next exciting excursion.

When it comes to accommodation options today, you have a fair many lodging types to choose from. These include everything from cheaper hostels and B&Bs to the more luxurious hotels and holiday rentals.

Luxury Villas Vs Hotels: Which is For Me?

Hotels and luxury rentals each hold their respective benefits. Where luxury rentals today may be easier to find according to one online article published by the CNN, people sometimes opt for hotels out of habit.


If you’re someone who has already eliminated other options and is stuck trying to decide whether to go for a luxury hotel or a luxury villa, we’re going to attempt to help you decide what would suit you best.

Group Size

One of the things that can inform your decision regarding which option is better is the size of your group. As a rule of thumb, a hotel would probably be more suitable if you were travelling solo or as a couple. On the other hand if you were travelling in a larger group of say friends and family with more than four people involved, opting for a luxury vacation rental is recommended.

That being said, if you want the extra space – you can even rent a luxury villa for two!

Spatial Requirements

On the note of space, have you thought about how much of that you will require? Are you looking for a touristy holiday full of tightly planned excursions and guided activity or are you looking to do your own thing? Where will you be spending more time; out and about or at your holiday home?

Figure out what you need from the space. If you’re looking for something comfortable and luxurious and intend to spend a fair amount of time at your accommodation there’s no question about it – go for a luxury rental!

If however you intend on spending little to no time indoors and are looking into having a more active and dare we say hectic holiday, maybe a hotel will suit you fine!

Crowded or Calm

One of the biggest sell points of luxury vacation rentals is the privacy they offer. Unlike hotels which are for the most part crowded with all manner of guests some pleasant, others not so much – a luxury vacation rental offers you exclusivity and privacy! No need to share that swimming pool with a hundred people you have never met (that’s kind of terrible if you think about it)!

If privacy and exclusivity is something you value, luxury vacation rentals are where it’s at!

One Size or Customized

If you opt for a hotel stay, you will have options though they will be rather limited. You can opt for one of many preset packages offering certain amenities (some that you might not even need). If you’re more about tailoring and customizing your stay to perfectly fit your needs, luxury vacation rentals are far more conducive to the same!  

DIY or Service

It’s not like you will be left entirely on your own in a luxury rental or villa. You can always opt for various services according to what you specifically need. A hotel on the other hand will be far more about service whether you need the same or not.

Winding Down

We’ve put out the points for you but the final decision is really your own to make. In any case, give some thought to the particulars discussed and figure out if a hotel or a luxury vacation rental is what you need.

If you’re visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands and are looking for luxury vacation rental properties, we’ve got some brilliant rental options you could look into!          

The Essentials: 5 Things to Look for in a Luxury Vacation Rental

With a predicted annual growth rate of 7.4 % for revenue earned, it is clear that luxury vacation rentals are slowly knocking other forms of holiday lodging out of the ballpark. This is due to a number of things including value, privacy and the availability of amenities and comforts you would have access to at the best hotels!

If you’re someone who is due to go on vacation and are trying to decide on a luxury vacation rental to opt for, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

5 Things to Look for in a Luxury Vacation Rental


When it comes to luxury vacation rentals – given the size of the market, not all those offering the option might deliver on quite what they promise. To make sure that the luxury vacation rental you opt for is worth what you spend, here are a few things you want to look for.

The Right Management

When it comes to a luxury vacation rental, it is the management that really sets the standards for the place apart from the location itself. The first thing you want to be certain of when you’re looking to book a luxury vacation rental anywhere in the world is the right management.

A good managerial team will have no problems offering you complete information on costs, amenities and other particulars with regard to your potential holiday getaway. They will be responsive over the phone and via email and will also be extremely professional and easy to deal with.

If you get a sense that the management of the rental you are going for is not quite up to par, look into other options!


If you’re traveling during peak holiday season, most of the best luxury vacation rentals may be booked. It is important to look into availability of the place you have in mind well in advance, particularly if you’re travelling in peak season.

Connect with the places you think you and your family or group might be interested in staying and find out about availability and coinciding dates well in advance.


Different luxury rentals will offer you different rates. Further rates may vary depending on when in the season you book, the packages you opt for (if offered) and of course the duration of your stay. It is always helpful to be clear on exactly what your luxury vacation rental will cost you as prices are not standard.


Prices also vary according to the space provided, amenities offered and of course location! Just be clear on the financial aspect before you proceed to make that final booking.

Amenities, Comforts and Location

We all have different needs and requirements when it comes to helping ourselves unwind. Where some might be about pandering and service 24/7 others might be more into personal space, the freedom to do as they please and of course privacy.


Find out what the rental you are choosing offers by way of space, comforts, amenities and anything else you feel could influence your decision. Where the rental is located is also of significance. Feel free to pick at the management a little until you have all the information you need. Once you’re clear on what is offered, see if it suites your personal requirements and make a decision!

Security and Diligence

Last but certainly not least, you need to make sure that the place you are opting for is indeed what it promises to be and not some scam job off the internet! In order to do this, do your own background work on the location you are choosing to stay. Find out if you can find anyone who stayed there before. Ask your friends and relatives if they have visited. Feel free to Google the address as well or ask your travel agent if they are familiar with the place.

Though there are numerous reliable vacation rental options out there, there are a number of con artists too that you would want to steer clear of!

Winding Down

If you’re someone looking into vacation rentals, make sure you stay mindful of the points above. Do that and chances are you’ll find a place fit for a real dream holiday! If you’re looking for luxury vacation rental properties in the Turks & Caicos Islands, we’ve got some gorgeous and reliable rental options you could look into!          

Easy-Peasy Tips for Vacationing in Turks and Caicos

After much deliberation, you’ve decided that Turks and Caicos will be your destination for a well-deserved vacation this year.

It’s beautiful, it’s exciting and it’s located in the Caribbean, just far enough so you won’t be bothered by the throng of vacationers who usually mob those typical vacation spots.

But there is a tiny problem.

While this is your final choice, there’s not much you know about it.


Sure, you know the rates, the villa you’re going to rent and the airfare. But aside from that, you’re pretty much clueless about the people, the weather, whether you’ll need that extra strength sunscreen or if you should just buy it when you get there.

For that, we’ve got you covered!

Turks and Caicos Vacation Tips

- Pack Less

Pack swim wear, sensible shoes, sandals, flip flops, just basic clothing like short skirts and a couple of t-shirts. If you’re bringing makeup, stick to the makeup you use on a routine basis. You’re probably going to wear swim wear during your trip, so there’s no point in bringing jeans, shirts and dresses. Stick to comfort, not fashion.


- Protect Yourself from the Elements

Bring sunscreen (coral-safe), mosquito repellant, jellyfish sting protection spray. Pack them all in plastic bags and keep them in the bottom of your bag. And don’t forget to pack extra sunscreen separately in case you run out.

- Be a Smart Diner

Food in Turks and Caicos is expensive, mainly because the restaurants on the island depend on imported food products. So if you want to save up on cash, remember to try the mom-and-pop eateries and restaurants around the island, and be sure to have seafood. We’re not recommending this for money’s sake though. The island has some great recipes for conch so you’ll surely be in for a treat.

- Plan a Visit during the Off-Season

April and May – that’s the sweet spot here. Though the weather is usually pleasant on the island year-round, they do experience some rain and wind along the way with hurricane season usually crashing on the shore during June and November. Planning your vacation during this time will give you lower rates and better weather to enjoy.

- Know Your Paperwork

If you’re from the US, UK or Canada, you won’t need to apply for a visa to visit the islands. You also wouldn’t need it if you have a valid, current visa to visit any of the countries mentioned. Otherwise, you will need to contact the relevant embassy in your country to know what to do when applying for a visit visa.


Are You Ready?

Pack your bags, double-check booking at our Grace Bay vacation rental and make your way down to Turks and Caicos.

The island waits!

Luxury of a Vacation Rental – Requirements of a Premium Vacation Rental

With seemingly countless choices for luxury vacation rentals available, how do you choose the right one?  After all, you’re planning a well-deserved vacation. You need one that would offer the best experience without making you feel concerned about the state of your bank account!


There are several caveats, a few quid pro quos that every vacation rental has to satisfy. As a popular beachfront establishment for vacationers in Turks and Caicos, we believe it’s our responsibility to tell you what they are.

Typical Requirements of a ‘Luxury’ Vacation Rental

The Villa Itself

Aside from offering basic amenities – high quality bed sheets, extra pillows and blankets, blackout curtains, towels and linens etc – the villa should also be centrally air conditioned.

Typically, villas should also have televisions and internet connections, with accessible high speed WIFI in each room. If the villa has a functioning kitchen, it should be stocked with chef grade utensils, cookware and premium quality kitchen appliances. The villa should also offer housekeeping, kept on a schedule so there’s no disruption.

The Villa Facilities

This is where the luxury factor comes in. With villas such as Villa 306, we offer access to the Teona Spa, which is located on-site. The spa offers numerous services aside from massage services – such as makeup services, skin care therapy, as well as special in-house massages as well.

In addition, we also offer a swimming pool, whirlpool, access to the tennis court (equipment provided). We also have a fitness center with a workout room and gym for those vacationers who want to work off that extra conch weight.

We also offer necessities such as a high efficiency washer and dryer, a copier, scanner as well as a desktop. For travel, we offer bicycles so vacationers don’t have to waste money on expensive car rentals and taxis.

This is all that a luxury vacation rental should provide.


Are You Interested?

If you’re vacationing in Turks and Caicos, then Villa 306 is the best option for you!

As you see above, we offer luxury services for all renting our vacation villa on Grace Bay Beach. So if you want to make your vacation more enjoyable, then book the villa today!

For a more in-depth look at what you’ll be renting, click here to check out the details. Our villa is designed and styled to suit a typical vacationer’s needs!

Why Pick Grace Bay Beach Over the Caribbean?

When people think of a vacation by the sea, they generally think of the Caribbean because that’s the go to spot for vacationers. It’s popular, it has a reputation, and it is the prime spot several people rush to when opting for a vacation by the beach.

And that is exactly why you shouldn’t go for the Caribbean: because owing to their popularity, they’re bound to be teeming with a mass of people in peak season.

So Does That Mean You’re Out of Options?

Cheer up—the planet is made of 85% water: you’re never going to be out of options if it is the waters of the seas that you’re after. There are plenty of beaches right in your backyard (well, not really), many which you had never considered and ultimately you have no idea of what you’re missing out on.

A Bay Full of Grace


Grace Bay certainly lives up to its graceful name; it’s full of charm and nautical delight. Perched on the North shore of the Turks and Caicos, Grace Bay is less developed and less populated than Cuba or the Barbados. It is more peaceful and has more attractions to offer such as better and more luxurious rentals.

Serene and soothing, Grace Bay is the wise pick for people looking for a luxury vacation in a spot that is less populous and thereby more pleasant.

Here are the three major reasons why you should choose Grace Bay Islands instead of the more widely popular Caribbean choice:

1. Whether the Weather Will Turn

There’s a reason “Caribbean Weather” is a phrase—because just like Kansas weather, it has its peculiarities.

Unlike Kansas weather—which can change at any minute—Caribbean weather is  sweltering hot mess for most of the year. Not only is it hot, but it makes you sweat buckets. The humidity is high, and if you’re not used to a constant hot and humid weather your body might have problems adapting to the temperature changes.

It’s not that there aren’t any weather complications in the Turks and Caicos—but these are slight, and few and far in between. You can expect the most rainfall to happen in October and March is definitely the driest month, but otherwise the weather is pleasant all year round.

In the Caribbean there’s always the threat of a storm—and these are far from pretty.

2. When the Condition is Living Conditions

Compared to the Caribbean’s 44 million, Grace Bay is a small getaway in the Turks and Caicos where the total population is a little over 36,000.

The measly number of residents does not mean that the living conditions in Grace Bay is any less than satisfactory—in fact the Caribbean by comparison lacks a great deal. It lacks greatly in infrastructure and the traffic is a nightmare. People in the Caribbean are also less likely to speak in English and some vacationers might find that troublesome.


3. Prime Time or Crime Time?

A vacation in the Caribbean is almost always filled with umbrellas and azure waters, but at times these vacations also include a casual robbery, carjacking, and a dozen other petty felonies which no vacationer would like to meet.

The Canadian Advisory actually advises its subjects traveling to the Barbados on the possibility of armed robbery and even sexual assault. Such an experience would destroy anybody’s vacation, and if you’re looking to avoid crime, Grace Bay is where you should be heading.

What Grace Bay Has to Offer

Grace Bay is much more than beautiful beaches—it is big on transportation, the culinary arena is beyond amazing, and it has some of the world’s classiest and most luxurious resorts and rentals to offer. Nothing lights up a vacation by the beach than a stay in a luxurious villa, which can be booked right here. Make that trip to the beach really count: a bedazzling bay and wonderful villas. What more could one ask for?

Why You Should Go to the Turks and Caicos Islands for Your Next Vacation

Americans like to vacation, and tourist attractions in the Turks and Caicos Islands are aplenty. They’re the prime spot for a luxury vacation that includes unbelievable culinary experiences and extravagant villas. But the delight of the experience begins even before you land in the aquatic and sandy paradise: it begins as soon as you take a curious peep out of your plane window and behold a blanket of blue being caressed by a border of fine, white sand.

The pearl and ashen stands in stark contrast against the sapphire bay—and it is then you know that you’re going to have one heck of an amazing time.  

The Bedazzling Blues and Other Hues

Its waters a tantalizing turquoise, its sand winning white, these are the islands you must visit if you’re looking to get great photos for your Instagram or blog. And even if social media isn’t your thing, the magnetic and mesmerizing shifting colors will arrest you in their haze, especially during sunset. Image walking down the beach as the golden sun melts into the watery shores of the ocean and spills into the sea its treasury of orange and red and molten lava. It’s a sight no true vacationer should miss.

Food Heaven 

It’s a culinary kingdom in the Turks and Caicos. You can drop in for a casual rum punch at Da Conch Shack or dive into the ultimate fine dining experience at Coco Bistro. Not only do these (and other) restaurants offer amazing food, they offer amazing sights on the side. And of course, the sea food is to die for!


The Wonders of Marine Life

If you get on a boat or go snorkeling, you’re likely to meet with some of the lesser conspicuous inhabitants of the Turks and Caicos.

Dolphins that dance, rays radiant in their turf, and if you’re lucky you might even catch up with trusty old Moby Dick. From afar you might also be able to spot one of those brilliant monsters from Jaws, but don’t worry: you’re not going to need a bigger boat because these crafty fish are only reef sharks and they like to keep to their coral reefs. At any rate, if your favorite channel on TV happens to be Animal Planet, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.


Endless Activities

From snorkeling to boating and kite surfing, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep both you and your kids busy and entertained throughout the vacation. There’s also kayaking to be done, the more conventional sailing, and paddle boarding.

The People: Fun, Friendly, and Few

The Turks and Caicos isn’t a ghost town—but it isn’t too densely populated either. With a comfortable population of something little over 36,000 people, there are fewer people in town than you’d find in most other vacation spots.

Not only is the area itself less populated, but it isn’t as wildly full of tourists as other popular beaches, and hence there are lesser tourists around. Lesser people mean you get more of the island for yourself and have a better experience.


Of the population of the islands, the people are fun and friendly. They’ll help you with the directions if you need them and fraternize with you as if you’d known them all along. Who knows—you might find a best friend in the Turks and Caicos!

Lesser Travel Time

When you set out for a vacation, you’re usually restless until you get there. It’s the destination that matters most, and if getting there takes a long time, that sort of kills the experience a little.

Luckily for you, getting to the Turks and Caicos isn’t that big of a problem at all. With American Airlines, Southwest, and JetBlue all flying to the vacation spot, the travel time is a breeze.

3 hours at the most from New York and as negligible as 90 minutes from the coast of Miami, it’s a guarantee that you’ll get there fast enough to immediately begin enjoying some prime time on the beach.

Unbelievable Rentals

And finally, there are the spots where you’ll stay: and the Turks and Caicos has some of the best to offer. From luxurious villas to incredible rentals, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. Find the luxury villa of your dream right here and make the most of your vacation in the Turks and Caicos!