Villa 306

A luxurious vacation rental in the heart of Grace Bay

Why Pick Grace Bay Beach Over the Caribbean?

When people think of a vacation by the sea, they generally think of the Caribbean because that’s the go to spot for vacationers. It’s popular, it has a reputation, and it is the prime spot several people rush to when opting for a vacation by the beach.

And that is exactly why you shouldn’t go for the Caribbean: because owing to their popularity, they’re bound to be teeming with a mass of people in peak season.

So Does That Mean You’re Out of Options?

Cheer up—the planet is made of 85% water: you’re never going to be out of options if it is the waters of the seas that you’re after. There are plenty of beaches right in your backyard (well, not really), many which you had never considered and ultimately you have no idea of what you’re missing out on.

A Bay Full of Grace


Grace Bay certainly lives up to its graceful name; it’s full of charm and nautical delight. Perched on the North shore of the Turks and Caicos, Grace Bay is less developed and less populated than Cuba or the Barbados. It is more peaceful and has more attractions to offer such as better and more luxurious rentals.

Serene and soothing, Grace Bay is the wise pick for people looking for a luxury vacation in a spot that is less populous and thereby more pleasant.

Here are the three major reasons why you should choose Grace Bay Islands instead of the more widely popular Caribbean choice:

1. Whether the Weather Will Turn

There’s a reason “Caribbean Weather” is a phrase—because just like Kansas weather, it has its peculiarities.

Unlike Kansas weather—which can change at any minute—Caribbean weather is  sweltering hot mess for most of the year. Not only is it hot, but it makes you sweat buckets. The humidity is high, and if you’re not used to a constant hot and humid weather your body might have problems adapting to the temperature changes.

It’s not that there aren’t any weather complications in the Turks and Caicos—but these are slight, and few and far in between. You can expect the most rainfall to happen in October and March is definitely the driest month, but otherwise the weather is pleasant all year round.

In the Caribbean there’s always the threat of a storm—and these are far from pretty.

2. When the Condition is Living Conditions

Compared to the Caribbean’s 44 million, Grace Bay is a small getaway in the Turks and Caicos where the total population is a little over 36,000.

The measly number of residents does not mean that the living conditions in Grace Bay is any less than satisfactory—in fact the Caribbean by comparison lacks a great deal. It lacks greatly in infrastructure and the traffic is a nightmare. People in the Caribbean are also less likely to speak in English and some vacationers might find that troublesome.


3. Prime Time or Crime Time?

A vacation in the Caribbean is almost always filled with umbrellas and azure waters, but at times these vacations also include a casual robbery, carjacking, and a dozen other petty felonies which no vacationer would like to meet.

The Canadian Advisory actually advises its subjects traveling to the Barbados on the possibility of armed robbery and even sexual assault. Such an experience would destroy anybody’s vacation, and if you’re looking to avoid crime, Grace Bay is where you should be heading.

What Grace Bay Has to Offer

Grace Bay is much more than beautiful beaches—it is big on transportation, the culinary arena is beyond amazing, and it has some of the world’s classiest and most luxurious resorts and rentals to offer. Nothing lights up a vacation by the beach than a stay in a luxurious villa, which can be booked right here. Make that trip to the beach really count: a bedazzling bay and wonderful villas. What more could one ask for?