Villa 306

A luxurious vacation rental in the heart of Grace Bay

Luxury of a Vacation Rental – Requirements of a Premium Vacation Rental

With seemingly countless choices for luxury vacation rentals available, how do you choose the right one?  After all, you’re planning a well-deserved vacation. You need one that would offer the best experience without making you feel concerned about the state of your bank account!


There are several caveats, a few quid pro quos that every vacation rental has to satisfy. As a popular beachfront establishment for vacationers in Turks and Caicos, we believe it’s our responsibility to tell you what they are.

Typical Requirements of a ‘Luxury’ Vacation Rental

The Villa Itself

Aside from offering basic amenities – high quality bed sheets, extra pillows and blankets, blackout curtains, towels and linens etc – the villa should also be centrally air conditioned.

Typically, villas should also have televisions and internet connections, with accessible high speed WIFI in each room. If the villa has a functioning kitchen, it should be stocked with chef grade utensils, cookware and premium quality kitchen appliances. The villa should also offer housekeeping, kept on a schedule so there’s no disruption.

The Villa Facilities

This is where the luxury factor comes in. With villas such as Villa 306, we offer access to the Teona Spa, which is located on-site. The spa offers numerous services aside from massage services – such as makeup services, skin care therapy, as well as special in-house massages as well.

In addition, we also offer a swimming pool, whirlpool, access to the tennis court (equipment provided). We also have a fitness center with a workout room and gym for those vacationers who want to work off that extra conch weight.

We also offer necessities such as a high efficiency washer and dryer, a copier, scanner as well as a desktop. For travel, we offer bicycles so vacationers don’t have to waste money on expensive car rentals and taxis.

This is all that a luxury vacation rental should provide.


Are You Interested?

If you’re vacationing in Turks and Caicos, then Villa 306 is the best option for you!

As you see above, we offer luxury services for all renting our vacation villa on Grace Bay Beach. So if you want to make your vacation more enjoyable, then book the villa today!

For a more in-depth look at what you’ll be renting, click here to check out the details. Our villa is designed and styled to suit a typical vacationer’s needs!