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Luxury Villas Vs Hotels: Which Would Suit Me Better?

If you’re going on holiday anytime soon, accommodation is probably one of the things constantly on your mind. No holiday is complete without your own little base of operations so to speak. A place where you can come back to after a long day of being a tourist, a place you can unwind and a place you can recharge before your next exciting excursion.

When it comes to accommodation options today, you have a fair many lodging types to choose from. These include everything from cheaper hostels and B&Bs to the more luxurious hotels and holiday rentals.

Luxury Villas Vs Hotels: Which is For Me?

Hotels and luxury rentals each hold their respective benefits. Where luxury rentals today may be easier to find according to one online article published by the CNN, people sometimes opt for hotels out of habit.


If you’re someone who has already eliminated other options and is stuck trying to decide whether to go for a luxury hotel or a luxury villa, we’re going to attempt to help you decide what would suit you best.

Group Size

One of the things that can inform your decision regarding which option is better is the size of your group. As a rule of thumb, a hotel would probably be more suitable if you were travelling solo or as a couple. On the other hand if you were travelling in a larger group of say friends and family with more than four people involved, opting for a luxury vacation rental is recommended.

That being said, if you want the extra space – you can even rent a luxury villa for two!

Spatial Requirements

On the note of space, have you thought about how much of that you will require? Are you looking for a touristy holiday full of tightly planned excursions and guided activity or are you looking to do your own thing? Where will you be spending more time; out and about or at your holiday home?

Figure out what you need from the space. If you’re looking for something comfortable and luxurious and intend to spend a fair amount of time at your accommodation there’s no question about it – go for a luxury rental!

If however you intend on spending little to no time indoors and are looking into having a more active and dare we say hectic holiday, maybe a hotel will suit you fine!

Crowded or Calm

One of the biggest sell points of luxury vacation rentals is the privacy they offer. Unlike hotels which are for the most part crowded with all manner of guests some pleasant, others not so much – a luxury vacation rental offers you exclusivity and privacy! No need to share that swimming pool with a hundred people you have never met (that’s kind of terrible if you think about it)!

If privacy and exclusivity is something you value, luxury vacation rentals are where it’s at!

One Size or Customized

If you opt for a hotel stay, you will have options though they will be rather limited. You can opt for one of many preset packages offering certain amenities (some that you might not even need). If you’re more about tailoring and customizing your stay to perfectly fit your needs, luxury vacation rentals are far more conducive to the same!  

DIY or Service

It’s not like you will be left entirely on your own in a luxury rental or villa. You can always opt for various services according to what you specifically need. A hotel on the other hand will be far more about service whether you need the same or not.

Winding Down

We’ve put out the points for you but the final decision is really your own to make. In any case, give some thought to the particulars discussed and figure out if a hotel or a luxury vacation rental is what you need.

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