Villa 306

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Reasons You Should Rent a Villa While on Vacation


If you want to hit the beach yet spend your holidays cozying up in a luxurious bed, Villa 306’s beachfront villas are exactly what you’re looking for.

After a day of swimming in the ocean and bathing in the sun, you need to retire to the comfort of your bedroom to rest. Even though vacations are all about thrill and adventure, it’s no fun if you’re sleep-deprived.

Booking a beach villa can enhance the extravagance and luxury with which you experience one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Here’s why you should rent a villa while on a vacation.

Peace Of Your Own Home

Renting a villa instead of booking a hotel room is like shifting homes for a few days to a place that makes your reality seem fantastical.

Vacationers staying in hotels during their stay often complain of loud noise from neighboring rooms, delayed service, limited amenities and lump sum money charged nonetheless!

With villas, you have the privacy of a home with the luxuries of a VIP suite in a five-star hotel. With more than just your bedroom space available for you, villas are completely furnished to accommodate your every whim.

Private Pool and Decking Area


Vacationers looking for peace of mind and privacy find it uncomfortable to dip in a public pool with a crowd of swimmers.  

If anything, this image is far from romantic. With your private rental villas, the luxuries are endless with your own private pool and decking area where you can share intimate moments with your loved ones.

King-sized Bed and Untroubled Sleep

Most couples honeymooning in the Caribbean choose to go for rental beachfront villas because of the exclusivity and peace it offers. In a hotel room, you always have to double-check whether or not you put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign up. With a mistake as minor as this, you can have room service bothering you every now and then.

In your own rental villa, you don’t have to worry about the staff walking in at a wrong moment.

Room For More

It’s challenging to accommodate a large family in a hotel. Unless you pay for separate bedrooms, your children might have to sleep on the couch. By renting out a villa for your vacation, you’re at peace because your family can comfortably adjust in the space without paying per head cost.

With luxurious villa rentals, beautiful weather and ease of travel, Turks and Caicos is attracting vacationers every year. Find the luxury villa of your dream with Villa 306 and make the most of your vacation in the Turks and Caicos!