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Lost in Paradise: Why a Vacation to Turks and Caicos Islands Is a Must This Year

Want to head over to paradise on earth? Warm, sandy beaches, the crisp, salty sea air, and alluring natural energy around you—the Turks and Caicos Islands is the ideal spot for a vacation! This island is a British Overseas Territory, and is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s now considered to be one of the best beach destinations globally.

Its 1200-year long history has not dimmed down the gentle spirit, and quest for nature in its inhabitants. Around 31,000 people inhabit the islands, and the number of tourists visiting the island exceeds 1 million.

So pack your bags, because we’re about to convince you to make that trip!


It has the ideal climate

You can put away those coats now, because the island offers a pleasantly dry and sunny climate. It enjoys 350 sunny days yearly. The bustling time for tourists is usually from November to March. So you’ll find the best activities’ and tours if you go then! During summertime, there are colorful music and cultural festivals featuring well-known artists.

Enjoy that water

As it has the third-largest coral reef globally, the island is packed with glorious beaches. The water is transparent, and that perfect shade of turquoise. The soft pearl-like sand will slip through your fingers as you revel in the beauty around you.

The Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales houses the best luxury hotels. If you’re into water sports, make use of the snorkeling and scuba diving facilities on the island! Chalk Sound would be the perfect location for this.

if you’re a bird watcher, then you will not be failed, because the salt ponds and marshes on the island house above 170 species of birds! Whether it’s kayaking through mangroves, or getting lost in nature while riding a horse along the beach, you’ll always be on your feet!


This island is a fulfilling experience for food lovers! It encompasses a range of different cuisines, and leaves devouring flavors in your mouth. Providenciales is the hub of food, but the other islands or cays offer delicious specialties as well. Local seafood delicacies include yellowfin, bluefin, and skipjack tuna.


The people

The locals of the island are known as ‘Belongers.’ They’re extremely friendly and free-spirited people, and won’t let you feel like a foreigner! They’re truly an embodiment to the saying by author Pittacus Lore, “A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It's the people that make the place.”  

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