Villa 306

A luxurious vacation rental in the heart of Grace Bay

Take Your Vows At A Place That WOWs! Reasons Why a Beach Wedding at Grace Bay Can Be the Magical Day You’ve Dreamt Of


If you’re planning your wedding venue, why not go for the pristine sands and blue waters of Grace Bay Beach? Imagine saying your vows in the midst of nature itself—the rawness and authenticity of it is unmatchable.

Grace Bay Beach has been labeled as the world’s best beach; it’ll definitely make the experience worth remembering for years to come.

Here’s why a beach wedding at Grace Bay can be the magical day you’ve dreamt of:

Ideal Weather

What’s a beach wedding without the perfect weather? Turks and Caicos Islands are known to have around 360 days of sun per year, with the weather typically resting in between 27c to 32c. A wedding at Grace Bay will save you from chilly winds, and you can be comfortable in your wedding dress. Not just that, if you’re there around sunset you can expect truly breathtaking views—magical backdrops for your pictures.

Luxury Resorts

Another reason that makes Grace Bay the ideal wedding destination is that it has a number of luxury resorts. It’s important that you have enough accommodations to ensure the comfort of your guests. What’s even better is that all these accommodations come loaded with luxury amenities and are tastefully furnished to make everyone’s stay unforgettable.


Opportunities for Adventure   

A beach wedding is not just a wedding, it’s also a holiday. Prior or after your wedding day, your guests would enjoy Grace Bay and go sightseeing. With the endless range of water-based activities here, you can be sure that all your guests—young or old— will have a fun time. From parasailing, scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling; there’s something here for everyone!

Villa 306 is part of the opulent Villa Renaissance Boutique Villas and our condos are fully equipped with modern amenities. The villa is located on the glorious Grace Bay Beach where you can accommodate all your guests. Our villas are perfect for any group size and cater to all sorts of events!  Book now.