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All About That Sun—Why Beach Vacations Are Good For Your Health

Beach vacations are one of the most widely sought after experiences, and sunshine can be the best medicine for many. Sometimes all we want is to soak up the sun, take in the blue waters, and enjoy quality time with family and friends.


Not only does the ocean breeze put our minds at ease, the beach also has various other health benefits.

Below we will discuss why beach vacations are good for your health!

They help you stay active

Sure, running on a treadmill is good to get to your heart rate up, but nothing can compare to running on a clear stretch of white sand on the beach. When you’re at the beach, you can choose to go for your daily run, stroll along the boardwalk, swim, or simply just do your morning yoga.

Get your dose of Vitamin D

Beach vacations are ideal when it comes to getting your daily dose of vitamin D. Not only is it beneficial for your bones, it also lowers blood pressure levels and helps strengthen our immune systems.


Magnesium is considered to be the eighth most copious mineral on the planet, and the third most is seawater. Past studies have noted that every cell in our body requires sufficient amounts of magnesium to function adequately. It allows us to have stronger bones and teeth, balances our hormones, and has a number of cardiovascular benefits.

Seawater and sand are excellent sources of magnesium. The salty seawater helps in detoxification too and helps in purifying our bodies. It also tends to fight against harmful bacteria and skin infections.

Find your Zen

Beach vacations are perfect for those looking to unwind from their daily stresses. As soon as you hit the beach, your serotonin levels will increase, and the breathtaking visuals of the ocean will instantly soothe your nerves. There is something profound about the warm sand kissing your feet, and the sight of gentle waves.

You feel consumed by nature, and for a moment step back from the things that make you forget to appreciate the small things in life.

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